Set Up Your Computer For Lightroom

To make editing and developing your photos a smooth process, you’ll want to set up your computer for Lightroom with forethought.

If you’re underpowered, you might be miserable with Lightroom being slow (and it might be slow sometimes even with a lot of power). And so, it’s not unusual for me to set up a client’s computer and hard drive as part of my job, either updating an existing computer or spec’ing out a new one. Maximizing computer RAM (for speed) and setting up a large external hard drive (for organization) for the Lightroom Library and at least one back up strategy, preferably

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Lightroom CC & Lightroom 6 Manual Download

Without much fanfare Adobe has posted the Lightroom CC & Lightroom 6 Manual. This is the latest version of the manual. And with a publish date of 4/20, is there a little inside joke here? The PDF manual is now two weeks old and the world should know it’s available, especially since it’s not included with the CC download. (However it is available through the Lightroom Help menu, which brings you to the official Adobe Lightroom Help web page. Most bloggers just post the Keyboard shortcuts

Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6 Videos From Adobe

Well, this isn’t news, but Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6 have been released. I figured I wouldn’t be making much news by writing just another “announcement” blog post. But what is news, is that Adobe has just posted dozens of great, short videos introducing the new features of Lightroom CC and 6 from Julieanne Kost. Julieanne is in rare form as she demos this new version of Lightroom in small, bite-sized videos. What’s the difference between Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6? Simply put, CC is the Adobe Creative Cloud and 6 is a DVD installation that comes in a retail box. There are some

First NYC Lightroom Meetup Group Scheduled

NYC Lightroom Meetup Group | Lightroom Guy

On November 5th, the first NYC Lightroom Meetup Group will be held from 6-8PM at Tekserve (closed as of August 2016 and no longer in business), located at 119 West 23rd Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue. Scheduled guest for this Lightroom Meetup is Eric Wessman, 30 year veteran travel photographer and Adobe Lightroom Expert.

Tekserve Logo Tekserve, New York’s only Premium Apple service provider

Sign up for this Meetup

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Lightroom Guy Is Now An Adobe Certified Expert!

Skeleton Man Skeleton Man ©2014 D.A.Wagner

After waffling for a year, I finally took the challenge to demonstrate my Lightroom skills by taking the Adobe certification exam.

I studied hard making sure I knew all the little minutia that I heard Adobe put in their tests. Sure, I was ready, but on the day of the test, at the testing site, they took away my phone, ipad, backpack, even my keys before they let me into the testing room (yes, it’s on a computer). I was waiting for them to ask me to take

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Why Lightroom?

...consider Lightroom as a digital gateway drug. Photoshop might come later, once you’re hooked. You may actually become quite enamored with Lightroom and decide to completely forego Photoshop altogether. Many do. You may even decide make Lightroom a verb.

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