I now regret recommending CalDigit to my clients

I usually avoid making disparaging comments regarding products, but today, I discovered that Caldigit RAIDs are not supported on M1 Macs. I was working with a client recently with whom I had recommended a Caldigit T4 RAID Thunderbolt 3. The Caldigit T4 RAID TB3 we’ve been using as a backup on his 2017 iMac would not mount on his new M1 iMac. So, I contacted CalDigit tech support.

Here’s the condensed transcript from the online chat with CalDigit tech support:

Lightroom Guy (LrG) – Hello, I’m working with my client to get his Caldigit T4 RAID TB3 up and running on a 2021 M1 iMac. I’ve installed the Drive Utility. The Drive Utility appears to “see” the T4 but it doesn’t mount. We need your help getting the RAID up and Running. Thank you.

CalDigit Support (US) joined the chat

CalDigit – I regret to say that we do not currently have viable drivers that will allow use of the T4 RAID on any M1 Mac system. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this causes. In order to use the T4, you will need to connect it to an Intel-based Mac system.

CalDigit – In order to access the T4 on any level whatsoever, you will need to connect the T4 to an Intel-based Mac system

LrG – That doesn’t make any sense. What good does the T4 do backing up a computer I do not use. Since you cannot support the M1 Mac, will you refund my investment?

CalDigit – The hardware changes made with the M1 mac systems make driver/software changes extremely difficult, especially for legacy hardware. I regret that we are unable to do so, no

CalDigit – The M1 Mac systems do not support the T4’s drivers and attempts to circumvent the hurdles of the new M1 macs are proved unsuccessful. As of now, the only way to use the T4 RAID is on Intel-based Mac systems.

Caldigit T4 RAID

I can’t believe this!

(not part of this dialog)

LrG – So, we’re stuck with a doorstop from Caldigit.

CalDigit  – The T4 RAID will still work on Intel-based Mac systems, but not on the newer M1 hardware

LrG – Had I known this I would never recommended this purchase. I have numerous clients who have the T4. You have just lost a customer.

And, you have made your problem my loss.

CalDigit – I understand your frustration in this matter and am sorry that we are not able to come to an immediate solution for you here today.

CalDigit – We’ll be sure to let you know of any changes regarding the T4 RAID and M1 Macs

M1 Macs came out in November 2020

So why hasn’t CalDigit been able to figure this in in the past 10 months? They claim that it’s too difficult to write the drivers for the Caldigit T4 RAID on an M1 Mac.

SoftRAID has figured this out with SoftRAID Pro and SoftRAID Lite (for Intel+M1 Macs). SoftRAID works with OWC RAIDs, Drobo, ORICO and many other third party RAIDs.

This really begs the question, what’s going on with Caldigit? All I know is that I can no longer recommend any of their products. And my apologies to anyone who may have purchased a Caldigit on my recommendation. How could anyone have known this would happen?