Backblaze Update 7.0 Has Just Been Released

It was just announced that the latest Backblaze version 7.0 is Catalina ready and offers new options for extended version history recovery. Instead of the usual 30-days backup that is included with a Backblaze license, you can now choose an option to recover deleted files for a year or forever. This is a major change in Backblaze strategy.

Backblaze is our choice for offline backups that complement our local Hard Drive backups. Up until now, with a standard account, Backblaze deleted missing data after 30-days. Missing data includes deleted files or data from an unconnected external hard drive. This works for the most part and we’ve not had any issues with this feature. But, it could be a problem for those who travel extensively and turn off their home or office computers.

If you’re already a subscriber, you will receive a prompt to the web download of the Backblaze update 7.0. The options to extend your version history will appear in the Backblaze Backup window of your system preferences.

backblaze screenshot

To clarify what version history is: if you delete a file by mistake, or save over a file by accident, you can recover the earlier versions. That would be for either 30-days and now one year or forever with Backblaze 7.0.

Backblaze is a Lifesaver

Backblaze has been our go-to offline backup for years. For my production computer, I’m upgrading to the one year option. It’s saved me more than once on my travel laptop, where I will continue to use the standard Backblaze 30-day backup.

Pricing is very competitive as well. Backblaze is $60 annually for unlimited data backup and 30 days of versions. One terabyte or 20 terabytes is $60. To make that a full year of backed up versions, it’s $24 additional per year. Finally, there’s a “forever” option, that keeps your data online (obviously) forever. That option is about $5 per month per terabyte.

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