Bourdeau Safari, Africa

©2016 David Mark Erickson

david mark erickson travel photographer lightroom certified expert

Photo Courtesy of Anita Nowacka

My collaborations with David Mark Erickson started shortly after the launch of my NYC Lightroom Meetup Group in 2014. I was looking for presenters with interesting perspectives as photographers and Lightroom users. My starting point? Reaching out to the four other Adobe Certified Lightroom Experts in New York at the time. David Mark Erickson was one of them. After David’s presentation at the January 7th 2015 meetup, we sat down over beers and talked cameras, travel and, of course, Lightroom. Even now, two years later, there are only 7 Lightroom Certified Experts in New York State. We’re the only two ACEs working together as a team that we know of.

Bourdeau Safari Africa, Lions Playing

© 2016 David Mark Erickson

David and I have totally different backgrounds. Me, an advertising and special effects studio photographer in NYC and David, a freelance photojournalist who’s traveled extensively through Europe and Africa. But like twin sons of different mothers, we found a lot of common ground that connected us and a mutual goal to share our photography and Lightroom expertise. David joined the NYC Lightroom Meetup Group as my co-host in March of 2015.

Brooklyn, New York West Indian Day Parade

©2016 David Mark Erickson

Fast forward to this past summer. The NYC Lightroom Meetup Group loses its meeting space at Tekserve due to its closing. I receive my Adobe Instructor and Training Partner status. And David puts a proposal on the table for us to start a series of Lightroom workshops, and thus LightroomNYC is born.

Inextricably connected now, David and I will be working together through the NYC Lightroom Meetup Group, LightroomNYC, private coaching and through this blog to continue building a supportive community. We’re passionate about helping Lightroom enthusiasts and professionals learn Lightroom to become better photographers. So look for David’s unique perspective in his upcoming Lightroom and photography blog posts.

Currently, we’re in discussions with an exciting new venue in Manhattan for the NYC Lightroom Meetup Group and hope to make that announcement soon and return to our scheduled meetings in the coming weeks.