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D.A. Wagner

With over 30 years as an award-winning advertising and travel photographer in New York, I’ve done assignments for just about every major ad agency.

My background includes working as a professional darkroom printer, Photoshop retoucher, nine years as an adjunct professor at NYC’s F.I.T. and entrepreneur.

Lightroom problem-solving and helping others improve their camera and computer photography skills are my passions. And it’s my pleasure to share my hard-earned skills, tips and tricks with you.

certified photoshop lightroom instructor by adobe
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david erickson lightroom guy

David Mark Erickson

Before becoming a freelance photojournalist, I spent a decade working in East Africa and elsewhere as a wildlife conservationist.

I’ve spent time in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Australia, and have a wealth of knowledge about travel photography.

I’m also a compulsive organizer and love to get things fixed up and working right.

Everything I learned about photography and photojournalism I learned directly from other photographers – being able to teach others is deeply fulfilling for me.

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