DA Wagner - Lightroom Guy portrait

Photo by Ali Rajabi

D.A. Wagner

Hi, I’m D.A.Wagner, aka Lightroom Guy, an award-winning New York City photographer with 30 years of experience in digital photography. Over the course of my career, I’ve done assignments for dozens of major U.S. ad agencies and have traveled throughout the U.K., Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Thailand, India, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

I’ve also worked as a professional darkroom printer, Photoshop retoucher, an adjunct professor at NYC’s F.I.T. for nearly a decade and an entrepreneur, with PDN and PhotoPlus Expo being two of my previous business endeavours.

There’s nothing I like more than sharing my professional experience of studio and travel photography, computers and software. I’m certified by Adobe as a Photoshop Lightroom Expert and a Certified Pro from The Photo Managers. And, just to be clear, Lightroom Guy is my full time occupation, not a sideline.

Whether it’s photography, Lightroom, Photoshop, computer tech, one-on-one lessons or a solution to a particular problem, Lightroom Guy and his Friends are here to help.

David Wagner is a Certified Pro Photo Manager

and Friends

Dimitris - LrG - Lightroom Guy

Dimitris Giouvris

Hello there, I am Dimitris Giouvris. I have been working as a professional photographer for more than 15 years, shooting everything from the World Enduro Motorcycle Championship to destination weddings, portraits and landscapes. My photography tour business designs bespoke tours and photoshoots in my native country, Greece. I enjoy meeting new people and showing them around Greece.

I love new gear, world travel and my wife’s cooking 🙂

As a self-taught photographer with a degree in computer science, I have a minimalist approach to organizing photo libraries for everyday use and effective strategies for backing up. That means I can get your photos organized and help you stay organized with Lightroom or Google Photos, Apple Photos, Amazon Photos, and many other photo applications.

Additionally, I can also show you how to improve your photography skills, better understand your camera and set up, optimize and manage your computer. Whether it’s a Mac, a PC, or just a great smartphone, let me help you take your photography skills to the next level.