DA Wagner - Lightroom Guy portrait

Photo by Ali Rajabi

D.A. Wagner

AKA Lightroom Guy, D.A. was an award-winning digital special effects photographer in New York City photographer for 30 years before becoming Lightroom Guy. An Adobe Certified Photoshop Lightroom Expert and a Certified Pro by The Photo Managers, D.A is an expert at untangling messy libraries. He’s happy to share his decades of experience as a pro studio and travel photographer along with his in-depth knowledge of Macintosh computers and software. This is his full-time gig.

David Wagner is a Certified Pro Photo Manager

and Friends

Dimitris - LrG - Lightroom Guy

Dimitris Giouvris

With a B.A. in computer science, this Athens native has worked as a pro photographer for over 15-year shooting Motorcycle Championship racing, destination weddings, portraits and landscapes. A self-taught photographer, Dimitris has a minimalist approach to organizing photo libraries including Google Photos, Apple Photos, Amazon Photos in addition to Lightroom. Dimitris is expert at managing PCs as well as Macs. Dimitris has worked with D.A. since 2020.