Well, this isn’t news, but Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6 have been released. I figured I wouldn’t be making much news by writing just another “announcement” blog post. But what is news, is that Adobe has just posted dozens of great, short videos introducing the new features of Lightroom CC and 6 from Julieanne Kost. Julieanne is in rare form as she demos this new version of Lightroom in small, bite-sized videos. What’s the difference between Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6? Simply put, CC is the Adobe Creative Cloud and 6 is a DVD installation that comes in a retail box. There are some holdouts regarding using the Creative Cloud, but in the long run, I’ve found the Creative Cloud to be a great resource with a free Behance Pro site, access to fonts and 20GB of cloud storage. And, I get LR plus Photoshop CC for $120 a year while Photoshop alone, for example, costs $19.99 a month. Go figure.Julieanne Kost Adobe Evangelist

In the “What’s New” playlist she starts with the new HDR feature, going into the options, step-by-step and fairly in depth. She also covers panorama stitching, slide shows, face recognition and the hidden gems.

The “Getting Started with Lightroom CC” playlist starts with an overview of the interface and goes on to 33 other short videos. This is fantastic for users just getting started, covering importing and the Library in great depth which is one of the more challenging aspects of Lightroom.

The “Quick Tips” playlist  begins with creating custom naming templates and moves through 23 more videos demonstrating a variety of great tips including View Options, moving photos and printing multiple images on a single JPEG, which I do frequently with family photos.

Of everything new, my students love the Facial Recognition feature. It’s remarkably easy to use and other than LR occasionally picking out small cars and trees as relatives of mine, it’s pretty accurate at guessing who’s who. If you have a very large library, I’d recommend that you start facial recognition at the end of a session; it takes a while to go through each one of tens of thousands of images.

All this adds up to 61 new Lightroom CC video tutorials thrown out into the world in one fell swoop! Lots to watch and there’s always something to learn no matter what level of experience you have. My hat’s off to Adobe for launching this new version of Lightroom with all this support.